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Sports and other Co-Curricular activities

Annual Sports Day

Sports Excellence

Sports excellence has been known to boost academic achievement by cultivating a winning mindset. CIH encourages students to join various sporting activities so as to keep themselves physically, mentally and socially fit.

Students enjoying a game of basketball

Annual Sports Day

The institute holds an annual sports day between January and April during which excellent performers are awarded.

Some of the participants at the annual sports day.

Sporting Activities

Various sporting activities are available on offer, including, but not limited to Soccer, Volleyball, Rugby, Handball, Netball, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess and Scrabble.

Other co-curricular activities

Through student organizations, associations and clubs students learn to boost their social and scholastic well being by participating in community activities, professionally related events, organized talent shows, and exchange programs with students in other colleges, attend local and regional conferences and meetings and generally develop their social interaction skills.

Apart from sports, CIH currently has the following vibrant clubs:

  1. Christian Union
  2. Red Cross
  3. Wildlife and Environmental Affairs
  4. Creative Arts