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Department of IT

Department of IT

The department of Information Technology features a variety of Diploma and Certificate programs that give students the skills necessary to gain a highly sought after qualification. The courses give our students the skills and knowledge that they will need to find a role in a diverse number of sectors such as computing, information communication technology and proficiency in computer applications and advance to senior positions in their chosen field.

At Cascade institute of Hospitality, you will find a program that combines academic challenge with a practical focus, including an option to spend at least three months out on industrial or field attachment which will enhance your prospects on graduating from your course.

Diploma in information communication technology
Diploma in Computer Studies
Certificate in information communication technology
International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
Certificate in Computer Applications

Examination bodies: KNEC, City and Guilds, ABMA, ABE

Certificate in Information Technology

Our Courses

CTH Level 2: Diploma in Culinary skills

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CTH Level 2: Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery skills

The aim of this specialist Patisserie and Confectionery Skills qualification is to introduce learners to the core skills needed to ...

CTH Level 3: Diploma in Professional Cookery

The program is aimed at introducing learners to the world of food preparation and culinary theory. It helps the trainee ...

CTH Level 3: Diploma in Professional Cookery ; Confectionery and Patisserie

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Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – KNEC

The program provides students with a strong basic foundation to develop relevant applications for businesses and public organizations. Students will ...

Certificate in Computer Packages – Internal

The institute offers short term computer packages that run for a minimum of one week per package. Students get introduced ...