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CIH offers Diploma and Certificate Qualifications  in the School of Hospitality and Department of Information Technology 

School Of Hospitality


The program is designed to equip students with Knowledge, Skills and Techniques require for the efficient Management of Hotel and ...
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Cake Making and Decoration

This course deals with the basics of cake making from designing the work space, cake baking, decorating tools, and prepping ...
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Basic Cookery and Kitchen Operation Techniques

The course covers basic cooking equipment and menu planning, knife skills, including vegetable chopping and paring; how to make salad, ...
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CIH Housekeeping and Accommodation

Housekeeping and Accommodation Studies – ICM

The program is developed to equip students with a working knowledge of hotels and lodges and entails personnel hygiene and ...
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Department of Information Technology

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      Accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)